Weekly Finance vol. 96

Connecting Xbox Wireless Adapter through external USB hub causes crashes it seems


Sold three things. One of which quite a lot more compared to the original cost. The other one is Kakenuke Switch Edition for price that’s pretty close to new price in Amazon for some reason. And last one is just an old tapestry… at a bit of loss.

Future In

I also put up some more tapestries. The ones I sorted out last week.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with the doujinshi for next few weeks. I’m a bit busy with other stuff.


Nothing this week.

There’s one big purchase on PC side though. A pair of speakers. This will be the first speaker set I bought that costs over 20k yen. No idea if it’s any better than the current cheap one. It may even produce some annoying hiss based on some reviews and comments over various forums. I can’t find similar complaint in Japanese though. I wonder if it’s some kind lucky draw or just Japanese 100V electricity doing something different. I’ll find out soon.

Future Out

I don’t know about Kunako Kokuki and Sousaku Kanojo. Maybe I’ll skip them…

Similarly about Primal Hearts Pack. Not that I’m missing anything in term of the games themselves. I’m still watching it for the bundled tapestry since it may be of my interest.

Oh yeah, there’s also Monkeys!. Kiritani Hana voicing the MC is quite interesting… but I don’t like the character design. I do like the short clips from Noratoto and it’s the same writer. Maybe I’ll check it after I clear my backlog.

On random goods, Takano Yuki new tapestry seems kinda nice. It’s not R-18 though.

There’s also Melonbooks Under Wears 5 tapestries. I don’t think I’ll be getting anything but Piyodera Mucha, Suimya, Kimishima Ao, and Mignon are rather tempting.

Oh, I haven’t decided on Mafuyu tapestry either. Though at current rate I may be skipping it. Or maybe not. Probably depends on how gacha roll on FGO summer event goes 👀


35.05% this week. It didn’t go down as far as I thought. It looked like it just keep going down this whole week.

iDeCo is 33.40% (16.33%) this week. Interestingly that’s a bit up compared to previous week.

That reminded me the funds I bought earlier this week. It ended being bought at slightly higher cost than when I placed the order. Thankfully it overall went up at the end of this week.

I still need to buy some more to reach my goal for this year…

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