Weekly Finance vol. 61


Sold some dakimakuras, most are at loss with the least loss at 13% and the worst at 73%.

Also sold some tapestries with pretty bad loss.

Overall I’m at 53% loss which is… maybe okay? The 13% loss one pretty much covered everything else.

Future in

Maybe nothing. I’m taking break on new year weekend. Afterwards I hope I’ll be motivated enough to put up some more stuff.


Bought artbooks and other stuff. A bit too many other stuff actually I ended up at negative this month. I can fix it by reworking how I book “free stuff” thingies I “bought” for furusato nozei thingy. If everything works well I should get most of them back early next year (minus 2000 yen for the processing fee).

Future out

More Ikegami Akane goodness. Will definitely buy although I hope it’s also available in Core Magazine Goods Store for the free shipping. It’s still quite far away.

As for 9-nine, I’m still not sure. Currently leaning towards just buying the normal edition. Or maybe even the new chapter only if the download system doesn’t involve DRM. Except it probably will. We’ll see.

The closest next big upcoming eroge will probably be from Yuzusoft…

Now I think about it, the main brand I mostly care about are now just Saga Planets, Yuzusoft, and Whirlpool.

Oh, right, maybe Whirlpool will come before Yuzusoft?


14.1%. More going down this week. I think it started going down after my last post anyway so it’s not specifically this week.

I doubt it’ll be any different next week. I also need to remember to save for larger NISA investment next two months.

I probably should pay some attention to iDeCo percentage as well. The yield says 10.62% and the absolute profit percentage is 16.7%.

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