Weekly Finance vol. 17


Sold two items for about 40% loss. Yay.

I need to push limit on what I’m selling and then finishing eroges so I can finally consider whether or not to keep them.

Other selling stuff

Still haven’t done anything else even though I really should. Mainly doujinshi to be sold through Suruga-Ya (of course).

And then there’s my older phone as well though I’m not sure if I even should sell or just dispose of them right away due to safety reasons.

Wasting money

It’s almost end of February and I still haven’t pre-ordered Hello World and Weathering BDs. I can’t quite do it this month anymore as I don’t have enough remaining budget.

And the reason I’m running low of available budget is I’m buying a phone. An old phone. I sure hope it works. It’s way cheaper than buying new but it’s also pretty old. It should work fine based on the seller’s reputation. I’ll tell more once I figure out how it ends.

In addition to that, I ended up buying another pair of 10GbE card.

Thanks to those two craps above, even though I didn’t waste that much on dakimakura and tapestries and eroges, I’m currently on danger of going below my minimum savings target. I guess going to Ore no yome at the end of this month is out of question.

Next month seems even more questionable.

Or maybe this month. Depends on how the DRM-infested company end up this time. The final decision will probably be before end of this month. Just like last time, this crap is taking a bit too much thinking time 😐 Maybe I should just get over with it already and forget/ignore the company altogether.

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