Weekly Finance vol. 15


Put up four stuff, sold one of them. I think it was for about the value I bought it at.

I probably should put up more new stuff. I now have some ideas on what else to sell.

In addition, I lowered starting bid on most of the things and two of them are already bid. Hopefully there will be more this week?

Wasting money

I ended up pre-ordering this K-Ko dakimakura. And this Ryohka tapestry. Maybe I’ll pre-order this mignon tapestry as well.

Apart of that, with delay of Cabbit’s Torikago, there isn’t much else for me this month. Maybe Ikegami Akane covers though looking at the schedule again, the pre-order will probably be only up in March.

That said, it’s only first week of February and I don’t exactly have that much spare remaining for this month.

Lastly, stock market is on free fall šŸ˜”

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