Weekly Finance vol. 12


One small bid with a bit of loss. On the brighter side someone bid on a rather expensive stuff.

I probably should put up some more stuff this week.


Sent a bunch of books. Bye 😢

I hope they buy the books for good money. Something like 50k would be nice though I think the original purchase price for them was over 100k.

Will need to send more, as I haven’t sorted out B5 doujinshi at all. And there are some A4 left over from previous one thanks to overweight.


I’m currently in danger of buying two 10 GbE cards. Otherwise I should be fine-ish for this month.

Upcoming stuff for next month and later includes pieces sequel, Argonauts new title (maybe), Torikago purchases, 9-yukiiro purchases, Hajikano purchase, and Kinkoi PS4.

I wonder if I’ll ever get enough extra budget to buy a bunch of digital artbooks…

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