Weekly Finance vol. 11


Another surprise with one bid. This time I netted a small profit.

Still haven’t put up anything else yet. Maybe sometime next week. Most likely not this week.


A small update finally. Sorted out A4-sized books and doujinshi and ended up with over 25 kg of books to be sold. The shipping method used only allows up to 25 kg though so I’ll be selling some of the books a bit later, maybe together with B5 doujinshi and other random craps.

I hope they sell for something. I think some of the doujinshi are rather rare so hopefully they buy it for good money.

I need to figure out the documents I need to prepare first though as I think I need to redo some of them after having address change.


As I mentioned last week, I did a bunch of pre-orders. I don’t think I have any spare left for this month. Pieces sequel is coming up but it’ll probably be for February or later pre-orders. Other than that, there’s nothing else for this month. I hope.

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