Weekly Finance vol. 10


Surprisingly someone bid on a tapestry. And that’s all. It’s 15% loss but at less than 3000 yen total it doesn’t really matter.

And that ended my auction for 2019. Overall it’s way worse compared to 2018… is what I thought. Looking at the actual number it’s almost the same. Heck it’s also about the same amount as 2017. That’s weird.

2020 would certainly be worse as I’ve mentioned before, there aren’t many things left I can sell.

Wasted money

With five pillow covers and a bunch of eroges, it wasn’t a cheap month. Oh, and the events as well of course.

Combined with new PC, even over 130k extra income from auctions couldn’t help me reach my monthly savings target.

I’ve saved enough for the rest of the year to cover them though so it’s all goo.


New month, new planning. Well, more like plan executions. I’m currently looking at almost 100k for pre-orders and stuff.

…that’s a lot.

I just hope there’s no additional unexpected spending.

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