Comic Market 97 Day 3

So I departed on 10:10 and arrived at the event area at 11:05.

Except there’s still queue outside to enter Big Sight. That was new. Should’ve expected it for day 3 – the porn day (part 1?). It’s raining so it’s quite a bit colder than usual. I also didn’t bring umbrella.

Finally got inside at 11:35. Crowded as usual and I planned stuff incorrectly as it’s the opposite of the traffic flow. I should’ve learned this by now… but I keep forgetting about it.

I first hit Eroliya and there wasn’t much queue.

And then MeltdoWN COmet – with a bit of queue extending to outside the event hall. That was doubly annoying with me having to take roundabout route to hit the booth only to go back outside to get in the queue. At least it didn’t take too long.

Afterward I went to Animal Herb. No queue there.

There’s no queue on Egoistic Honey booth either.

There’s a small queue on Botsugo but it’s already expected. Thankfully it’s pretty fast this time.

After skipping few shutter circles, I arrived at Ties booth only to find out it’s completely sold out. I don’t remember if I’ve ever gotten anything directly from their booth.

I think I passed TwinBox before reaching Ties and saw it’s got pretty long queue so I skipped that.

I then went to clean up the larger circles,went to Pan no mimi first as surprisingly there isn’t much queue. It was around 12:20. Goods set was still available as well but I went with cheap option anyway.

Queued a bit on Suzuya only to have the book sold out few moments after I lined up. Whoops.

Line for Peach Candy was pretty short at around 12:25 so I lined up and safely bought the books. I think the goods set was still available the time.

I think I checked TwinBox again at the time and passed on it as the line was still pretty long.

I did queue on kinokonomi at 12:35. Thankfully it didn’t take too long at around 15-ish minutes.

I then proceeded to go to other halls with faint hope getting anything.

Surprisingly Kogemashita still has the book when I arrived at 13:15. Went to upstairs hall afterwards. That was pretty nice with escalator as opposed to sloped path for going between West Halls.

Arrived at Ice and Choco at 13:20. No queue here either.

Jumped to West hall again only to learn Megane Shoujo is sold out already. This one is as expected.

As the only remaining things on my list being Tinkle and TwinBox, I went back to the West 1 Hall. TwinBox sold out most of the books when I arrived at 13:35, leaving me with just one of the older books. I guess I’ll grab the rest later or something.

As for Tinkle, well, the line was pretty long, and pretty slow. I started queuing at 13:50 and I think the goods set was sold out just a few people in front of me. That was interesting and thankfully didn’t affect me as I only wanted the book. It was at 14:25 when I’m finally gotten my Tinkle stuff and then promptly went home.

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