9-nazotoki nazomeku nazonomachi

I’ve been playing some puzzles here and there during my whole life but this is probably the first one I actually paid good 3000 yen just to participate. And that it involves walking around Akiba. And in winter. And in Japanese.

So there are three parts, the first one was pretty straightforward, the second one was pretty confusing for me though now looking again it’s… pretty confusing. Someone smart should be able to solve it without hints but I needed a lot for the second part. All of them, in fact. The third one is even worse for me as I was dead frozen at the time. At least I cleared the one last part without relying on hint.

Also not much an excuse but my phone battery was dead for second half and it’s done mostly outside I probably should’ve went in to the cafe and solve it slowly inside or something. But still, the phone situation was pretty bad. Even worse I needed to listen to something. And I don’t usually carry earphones around.

It wasn’t even planned. I just toyed with the idea playing but never really intended to – hence no extra preparation.

But hey, at least I cleared it.


  • 15:00: start
  • 15:40: first part done
  • 17:00: second part done
  • 17:20: third part done

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