Weekly Finance vol. 6


Lots of things were sold. Overall it was at about 10% loss. Not too bad considering it involves two pillow covers which lost over 60% of its original value. There are few gold tapestries helped the numbers and that’s how I ended up with relatively few loss.

As mentioned last week, there aren’t many tapestries I can sell left so I guess I won’t be getting much extra for foreseeable future.


A.M.R winter goods! Yay. And a few soundtrack CDs I keep forgetting to buy (not yet, waiting for Yahoo! bonus day).

More eroge (and almost eroge) pre-orders are also coming closer. Stuff like Kinkoi PS4, 9-Yukiiro, and maybe Hajikano.


That said, there’s a few hiccup along the way so I don’t actually have that much spare budget at the moment, lol. Should still be fine for the upcoming event though. I think.

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