Weekly Finance Vol. 4

I thought I’m behind the schedule but I’m not. Oh well.


Sold 6 stuff last weekend on auction for a bit over 50% loss. A bit better than last week but it’s quite a lot fewer in total number.

I probably should put up more stuff soon-ish.


Pre-ordered Torikago from Getchu which I believe should be all my eroge purchases for this year. There’s nothing else for next year yet.

I also pre-ordered Melonbooks C97 catalog. I ended up skipping the artbooks because the lineup doesn’t seem too interesting. I did get a rurudo B1 tapestry as I was a bit curious. And maybe sell for profit if I end up not liking it much.


Still quite a lot of extras even after spending 10k for FGO sq (and got nothing) and unrelated daily supplies. I don’t think there will be any other major purchases for this month, so, yay? Especially if I ever get around putting up more stuff for auction.

Oh, maybe I’ll get the K-Ko original pillow cover (EX version) depending how my spare budget looks like at the end of month.

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