Weekly Finance Vol. 1?

As I’m splitting off things, this becomes its own post.


Sold one item. Yay. It’s sold at about 60% loss. Talk about a bad week.

I’m considering stopping doing the free shipping thing and back to normal shipping. It’s rather annoying in various ways. On top of Yahoo! takes the same 8.8% cut for the shipping fee, it also makes my stuff seem more expensive than the others. There’s also problem with bidding multiple items. It feels a bit cheating taking the extra money when sending one package of multiple items (and of course the other side may feel cheated as well).

I haven’t put up anything new either. Maybe tomorrow.


As pillow cover from Ikegami Akane isn’t coming this month, I pre-ordered a bunch of eroges. I hope it’ll sell well (?).

Though now looking back, I have a bit of doubt about Amiami bonus of Cafe Stella. It looks a bit too safe. Order placed so there’s no going back. Maybe there’s but I don’t think I’ll do it.

As for next month, there will be Ikegami Akane stuff and a bit more eroge pre-orders. Nothing much else, I think?


This month is almost over, and with rather disappointing bonus from auction side, I didn’t manage to save as much as I wanted. It’s still quite a bit over my minimum but I hoped I could save a bit more.


Somehow the stock market is doing well these last few days. My Topix is still at quite a loss though.

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