Digest Vol. 128: FGO week

FGO took up the whole week. Meanwhile it’s eroge (and not-eroge) release week so lots of new eroge goodies and backlogs. Also even more stuff. And cheap stuff. At least no expensive stuff.

Not much on news side though.


Non-news links

New stuff

Lots of stuff as I said last week =D

Pillow cover of Serika from Yomeyaba, released early this year. I don’t like the one-eye-covered much so I didn’t initally get it.

Then this appeared for 3k in YJA. A bit hard to say no =D

She being C cup helped as well. Probably won’t get it if larger.

Eroge release week! Starting off with HexenHaus’ Konnya dake demo tomete kudasai. Should be pretty short. I actually installed this and read few lines… and it started with the first 3P scene in park nearby. Or something. No actual CG yet and immediately followed by flashback though.

Maybe will check this after finishing Rorolog HS.

And the other one, Cube’s Yurauka. Thank god Kanekiyo Miwa doing the best heroine (and two other subs). I think this is my first time doing full store purchases instead of YJA.

Current outlook of selling the games doesn’t seem too good. Whoops.

Anyway, complete set of drama CDs and bonus shikishis. Mainly wanted that Konoha shikishi which was unfortunately only available for retail store purchases.

A new custom printed iPhone cover. My current one has faded quite a bit so I wanted a replacement. There’s not many illustrations from Ikegami Akane suitable for phone cover. One is the content itself which I require to be completely safe (not even panties) and the composition of the image.

This one is from one of Kamiyaba CGs, flipped (avoiding camera hole) and rotated. Unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention to her face so it ended up looking a bit too bright.

Hoping a better print, I used a different offset company. They have this only rubber coated. First time having this kind of coating. On the bright side, thanks to it, the surface is completely matte.

Of course they will make a bundle with all routes. Full Uso, planned for February. Will contain some more extra stories. And hopefully a route for Shizuku. Probably will grab all store bonus CDs. Not sure about tapestries.

Talking about tapestries, together with release of Yurauka, the other goods have arrived as well. Starting off with Kamiyaba’s Nanami. This is her second single character tapestry from seasonal store. Where’s Yukari’s (屮゜Д゜)屮

Double suede with good-ish printing as usual. Also usual is the thin pipe which already bends a bit as seen in photo above. For some reason the top and bottom part have white border again. They just randomly switch one to another at this point.

Another one from same order. Same stuff though for portrait B2 the pipe size isn’t much of a problem. I think this is the first tapestry of Hanayo.

Kamiyaba PSV limited edition bundled tapestry. One of rare relatively safe tapestries from Ikegami Akane. The other two I have are doujins from GBF.

Thin material, okay print, and need some ironing because it doesn’t come pre-assembled.

From same release, Sofmap bonus. I think I have a bit too many tapestries of her. That heart sign using beach sand is nice touch.

Being PSV release, this one is technically safe as well.

Another thin material with okay print.

And lastly from PSV release, this one by WonderGoo. Yay more Urara \o/

Usual thin material with no major print problem.

Back a bit to Cuffs autumn goods, this one is Honoka from Yurauka.

This one doesn’t have white border. Which is what I prefer. Though still the same thin, already bending pipe.

And more Yurauka stuff, this one from DMM. Didn’t notice she’s pissing =| Oh well.

The print is a bit on rough side and also lacking in DPI.

Another one, from Takarajima. More or less similar quality as DMM’s.

Last tapestry Ouka from Parasol’s Sakukoi. Totally legit. And totally not censored. Cuffs should take lesson from Parasol in this area.

…yeah. Shoujo Lamune vol. 3. One Chie scene, one Tenka, and one Komako x Chie yuri (too bad no dildos involved). Or something.

Eroge playthrough

On break thanks to rushing FGO.

Non eroge stuff

Another rush thanks to 30 sq for finishing main story. That I did. I properly read the story until first half of Babylonia which then I just skip the entire thing because there’s not enough time. Overleveled enough I used same set for the whole thing. Only lacking a bit for finishing Quetzalcoatl and Goetia (demon). No command spell used because I spared it in case I stuck somewhere which didn’t happen. Apparently Goetia is the most difficult (at least for main story).

Slowly catching up the story. One chapter per night or something.

And nothing else.

PC stuff

Windows Server thing seems to work mostly fine. There are some annoyances as well but at least nothing I routinely use. Will do full install and maybe buy some keys later this week. Or tonight.


As mentioned above, Yurauka didn’t quite sell as hoped. I wasn’t sure about Kamiyaba PSV either but at least I sold one of them. Not in rush so I should be fine. Hopefully.

Sold quite a few other stuff though not enough for negative spending this month unless the other guy pays his stuff today or tomorrow which will bring it to -2000. Not holding my breath.

Winter events are coming as well so I’m not sure how well the stuff will sell. I need to put up some shikishis for auction as well.

Overall, I should be fine for winter events. And need to make sure I didn’t go overboard.

With this, I have enough for investment thing next year. Assuming I don’t get hit too badly by contract for new place or something.

Closing words

Yay Wednesday as originally planned. After reinstalling Windows, I should be back to usual schedule…

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