Digest Vol. 24 – Pauses

Dal Segno. This would mark my first foray into Circus' series. The actual game, not just anime series.

Dal Segno. This would mark my first foray into Circus’ series. The actual game, not just anime series.

As guessed last week, I wasn’t be able to finish Delivara on time (not even finished a single route) so I just pause the whole thing again and start on Yomeyaba. Now I have two unfinished games behind. Great.

Nanaka-senpai the best btw <3

K-Books usual seasonal goods pre-order went a bit error-y because they’re using a new system.

Ended up purchasing all Yomeyaba store bonuses as well. My balance for this month look pretty bad.



2015-11-27 23.21.07

Getchu 15th anniversary shikishis. I think the right one isn’t mine since I already got it one or two months ago.

2015-11-27 23.20.40

Finally arrived! Only took 4 months. Durrr. Love Equation’s Spica hug pillow cover from Dengeki Moeoh online store 2015-08 edition. As usual, not as smooth as Liketron but at least do feel tougher than it.

2015-11-27 15.19.27

Kind of curious about the middle one (which turned out to be pretty good) and figured might as well get all I’m missing.

2015-11-25 23.30.31

Bought for almost the original price together with the towel below. Peach Candy (Yukie) Mimiket 33 set. Together with the other circle she usually joins with.

2015-11-29 15.26.58

Finally an actual towel, not just printed cloth like last few “face towels” I bought. Available later in Tora no Ana as well at slightly higher price. As mentioned before, gotten this for almost original price off YJA.

2015-11-28 16.09.52

Yomeyaba! Lots of em. Mine are only two though.

2015-11-27 15.18.00

Yomeyaba clear files from release day event. As before, only two of them are mine. Even then I only need one.


Yomeyaba’s Nanaka-senpai from official store bonus <3


The other one I bought full game from (Getchu). Mainly to get the shikishis above.


Has been a long time last seen a lewd Your Diary tapestry from Cube official store.

2015-11-29 15.42.01

Cube staff found out lots of leftover CDs and figured out might as well sell them (through Getchu). The sale started early October but I received it just this week since I didn’t want to pay extra for shipping. So cheap (me, as usual). Good thing I haven’t bought it off Suruga-Ya for much higher price.

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