Digest Vol. 22 – To the Bin

…the fine-grained budget, that is. I found I mess up the numbers a bit too much, be it for the past or the future and figured out might as well use simplest budgeting method – count up essentials, figure out how much to save, and spend up the rest. Failure in any months doesn’t carry over to next month apart of for saving amount consideration.

Quintuple Splash. Why is not Chikotam (屮゜Д゜)屮

Quintuple Splash. Why is not Chikotam (屮゜Д゜)屮

Slowed down eroge because of various reasons I’m not even sure what. Finished Rinka’s route and now going through Yui’s.

Planning to play Delivara next because of various reasons.



Nothing much arrived this week.


Himari from Amatoro. Not even sure why ┐(・_・)┌ At least I now have all tapestries of her (excluding groups).

As I mentioned last week, I set up full Chikotam tapestries for my room.

2015-11-12 03.16.20

As preparation, I took out all of them first. Counted 27 as per my database.

2015-11-15 12.42.31

Corner #1. I only have two landscape and there are minimum two landscape spaces in my room which can’t be filled with anything else. So there isn’t much choice in this part. I also have exactly two A1 and one B2 Magicarat Radiant tapestries so I just put them accordingly. At window side I have 2×2 spaces and happen to have 4 Ginpatsu-chan tapestries.

Regarding Ginpatsu-chan tapestries, I believe I’m missing at least three of her tapestries.

2015-11-15 12.42.18

The other side of Magicarat Radiant and Yumekoi. Mostly Yumekoi. Mikuru > *

2015-11-15 12.41.50

Mixed corner. The only one that isn’t Parasol for eroge tapestries and then there’s not-Ginpatsu-chan tapestry as well. Unfortunately I can’t arrange the B1 tapestry together with B2 ones so there she is. Koiimo and Delivara each only have one tapestry AFAIK. That Haruno tapestry on top right is there because I need something thick-ish (not plain suede) and there isn’t anything else I can put there.

2015-11-15 12.40.50

eden! And of course the best from Chikotam – Haruno’s Nonoka.

Wallpapers used are all available at usual source.

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