Digest Vol. 17 – Nothing much


The quintuplets situation of the Mamiya Family – testing the limit of absurd story settings. Also, typo.

Still going with Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky. Finishing the last extra story (maybe).

There’s barely any interesting news this week.



2015-10-06 21.47.34

More hug pillow cover is exactly what I need (no). Gotten second hand (claimed unopened) from Amazon Marketplace. Delivara!’s Mikoto.

2015-10-08 11.44.23

And more. This one is even older, Eltlinde from Magicarat Radiant. Gotten for cheap-ish and slightly worn out. Now I look at the photo, I noticed I accidentally included part of my currently used cover.

2015-10-11 17.20.34

Even more covers~ Marine from Kujiragami no tearstilla. New from official store. Probably should’ve bought it during the event or something. At this rate I can swap them every week \o/

2015-10-09 15.48.43

Usual Kinokonomi’s konomi book from Sunshine Creation bought at Melonbooks. Is pretty good. Managed to get the tapestry from yja as well (not arrived yet).


Chiyoda Mari from Koiken otome ~revive~. Mainly gotten because Tateha. Double suede material which means great print quality.


Extra so I can have free postage from buying the previous tapestry. Kikura Shioji from PriministAr. Will probably buy the fan disc released next month. Thin material as usual from Sofmap. The included string is annoyingly big while the pipe is small so I replaced it with something better.


Tapestry from Melonbooks. Original character illustrated by Pan. Thin material as usual :(

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