Digest Vol. 14

Nanaka > *February next year is looking scary again. I haven’t even touched any of this year’s February releases ;_; That said, this December is also looking pretty bad with at least three games in my list.

Talking about releases, I’m not getting anything this month. Originally there’s Ama no Sora Retrospect but it got delayed to next month making this month empty and two for next month.

As mentioned last week, I started on Mousou! Complete and due to many distractions, I haven’t finished any one route though I believe I’m almost done with Kukuko’s.The story is quite good drama-wise though unfortunately it’s the type I don’t quite like. Hopefully the protagonist will act a bit better on other routes.

Unfortunately the CG is hit and miss and the game itself contains quite a few bugs and helplessly feels cheap. Thankfully there’s no problem with Chiitrans unlike some other kirikiri2 based games.

Links and (nonexistent) photos after the break.


  • Forgot to link last week, store bonuses for Alia’s Carnival PS Vita Edition are up. At least they added color for this week. More Tsukuyomi tapestries. That Takanashi Nana illust…
  • Two new characters for Majokoi PS Vita. At least one of them is illustrated by Asakura Hayate.
  • Giga’s next title, the one which is illustrated by kinokonomi combo, is titled “Amaekata wa kanojo nari ni” and set to be released first quarter of 2016.
  • Site for “World Election“, Whirlpool anniversary title, is up and will be released February 2016. TG Smart (and the physical magazine, Tech Gian) has in depth information on it.
  • Next Cube’s title, “The quintuplets situation of the Mamiya Family”, is set to be released February 2016. (from Push! magazine which apparently ended publishing this month)


What photos??? …no photo this week. I didn’t buy anything and nothing I pre-ordered is released this week.

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