Digest Vol. 10

And summer events are over \o/ All the damages to wallet. All the porn. Etc.


  • Chikotam isn’t drawing for Parasol’s 6th game, Quintuple Splash. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 At least there’s Yukie though. Set for December.
  • Galette’s next game site is up, Onii-chan Teacher. Set for December as well. That makes up three December releases I’m getting. fuuuuuuuck
  • Up next in Hanasaki Workspring! pillow cover series is Hikari.
  • Teaser site for Palette Qualia’s Otome Domain is up.
  • Some more images for Koikata’s store bonuses has been updated.
  • Yomeyaba’s opening movie, C88 movie, character voices, etc has been added.


Photo spam ahead.

2015-08-16 21.34.26

The books loot from Comiket. There will be a few more from Tora no Ana and Melonbooks.

2015-08-16 20.48.16

Stick poster from two circles. One of the benefits getting book from the event instead of in-store – free extras. The other benefit is it’s cheaper.

2015-08-16 00.20.18

Haikuo Soft pair of totally not similar characters from two different games! Yotsunoha’s Nono and Omokage Railback’s Iroha. Nekomimi! Sukumizu! Thighhighs! Woo \o/

Melonbooks Kuro Lemon Set tapestry 1 by Ayuya. Not too often seeing Ayuya drawing loli. And this is my only Ayuya tapestry.

Melonbooks Kuro Lemon Set tapestry 1 by Yukie. The main intention of buying the set. Great as usual.

2015-08-16 20.25.40

Goods. That Kantoku card sticker looks so nice I’ll probably stick it to my other card.

2015-08-16 22.40.45

From Lashinbang. There was no queue when I was there so I figured might as well grab one.

2015-08-16 21.49.49

The only thing I bought off Narumi Yuu / Chikotam booth this time. If only the Clover Day’s original artwork collection includes Niimura Yuuji’s…

2015-08-16 21.46.41

First thing from third day \o/ Awesome as usual.

The main reason going to West Hall of Big Sight.

2015-08-16 21.41.22

Still available when I got to her booth so I figured might as well grab one.

2015-08-16 21.39.26

From last year’s comiket. And I failed getting the main thing from Toypla. Probably should’ve gone to their booth first thing instead of Melonbooks.

Bought for quite a lot more than I should. And the size is larger than I though. I didn’t actually check the size though thankfully just about right for my door. The knob obstructed it a bit though.

2015-08-23 16.57.03 Doujins from Tora no Ana. Left one isn’t actually new. Now I look again, probably shouldn’t have bought it. Right one is quite old as well but just gotten back in stock again recently. Mainly bought because I failed getting it during first day comiket.

2015-08-19 13.53.34

The main reason I’m not getting any hug pillow cover this Comiket. Need to actually play the game.

2015-08-16 21.57.31

I think at this point I have so many Parasol/Chikotam tapestries. Still missing quite a few though.

2015-08-16 00.20.29

Old stuff \o/ From C86 by Kanekiyo Miwa and Ozawa Yuu. Fetched off K-Books at lightning speed. As fast as I’m losing money.

Karomix C84. Also from K-Books. Too bad not double suede :( From Yume to Iro de Dekite Iru. A game illustrated by her as well. And still not released yet.

Two of this arrived to my place. Pan \o/ I think I’ve gotten all Amakoi Syrups bonus tapestries drawn by Pan and sized at least B2.

2015-08-16 21.55.43

The tapestry from previous post.

After considering it for months (since last winter), finally decided to get this one anyway. For 1600 JPY more than I should.

2015-08-23 16.57.31

Usual CD. Gotten off Tora no Ana mainly for the bonus.

2015-08-23 15.49.54

Chikotam \o/ The coloring is a bit too bright but otherwise really nice. As expected from Chikotam.

2015-08-23 13.56.58

Gotten for cheap-ish. Weird material :( Stretchy as hell.

Gotten this in the end. The material is nice. One of the better bonus from Getchu.


That was one hell of week. I’m quite happy that week has finally passed. Next one is Winter Comiket (and related events). I don’t think there’ll be any events in fall apart of Sunshine Creation.

On eroge side, finally finished Alia’s Carnival!. Just as expected, I guess. Still need to finish Flowering Sky to find out everything since they left quite a few things in this game.

I’m playing ALcot’s Loverec first though before starting Flowering Sky. And then followed by Imouto no Seiiki. Hopefully I can clear Flowering Sky before end of September (wishful thinking).

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