Digest vol. 235: RIP usb3

This post is supposed to be posted yesterday but some crashes caused by (apparently) PCI-e USB3 expansion card took quite some time to track down. The card also went straight to auction because it’s not the first time I have problem caused by this card. Though I also kind of suspect it’s combination of USB3 and (very cheap) USB audio thingy.


More and more C97 related news. And some other unrelated news as well. Not sure what to do with Type-Moon Museum yet.

New stuff

There’s supposed to be some new soundtrack CDs but not happening yet thanks to people in my apartment still monopolizing the delivery boxes.

Eroge playthrough

Just entered Moeri’s route. Now I think about it, I don’t remember what I did last weekend ?_?

Non-eroge stuff

Somehow still keeping up with stuff. Maybe I should add more anime stuff and drop some YouTubes.

Daily life

Getting more questionable compared to last week but maybe still kind of safe.

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