Digest Vol. 233: There are news


The larger news is coming later today or tomorrow. Maybe.

New stuff

I think there are some stuff supposed to arrive sometime this weekend. Or maybe next weekend.

Eroge playthrough

I think I’m halfway through Hinagiku route.

Non-eroge stuff

Continuing my terrible luck streak at Okita pickup last Friday. Lol FGO JP maintenance trolled by Apple after NA getting same treatment few weeks ago.

I somehow still managed to watch the two anime this season. Only few more episodes for Psycho-Pass. I’m not sure how long Babylonia will go. I think it’s supposed to be two cours or something?

Daily life

Looking pretty fine. An announcement coming soon may or may not change things. Also that K-Ko pillow cover I’ve been mentioning last few weeks, I may end up getting it after all.

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