Digest Vol. 217: Hastily written

This post ended up way later than I originally planned.

Quite a few interesting news this week. Also event week has started. Some progress on eroge, more grinding on FGO, and pretty bad finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

Takano Yuki artbook. As mentioned last week the nipples aren’t censored. Crotch area is censored though. Mainly the Urahime tapestry and some of the pillow covers.

From denkigai, Onigyu H maxi single. And 12 bonus tracks. I haven’t checked it yet.

Latest BugBug and the accompanying eroge append scenario disc. Bought for that Kinkoi append. Not that I like her specifically and more for completion.

Latest tapestry from Kinkoi.

Double suede with pretty good print.

Weirdly lewd uniform. Only missing knee-socks (well).

Another tapestry from Denkigai, from pieces. Interesting expression. Not sure if going to keep it yet.

Ex-suede material which is quite a bit thicker than double suede though I’m not sure I like its shininess. I think I’ve said similar thing before. The print is pretty good.

Eroge playthrough

Almost done with Hakua. I should be able to finish it sometime this weekend despite all the events. If I can finish the rest around next weekend, it’ll end up taking two months to finish.

Non-eroge stuff

New announcements during latest FGO event but no Okita summer in sight yet. There’s still hope. Did guaranteed SSR gacha and got Gilgamesh. Kinda want to burn but I don’t exactly need rare prism yet.

FGO NA, still grinding slowly for Ishtar Race. Maybe will rush during queuing or something.

Daily life

Sold nothing last week. Welp. Not sure about this week either. I think I’ll put up some stuff next week to help lessen damage from summer events. I need at least 40k so I can keep my current savings rate.

Stock is dead. Slowly recovering but still pretty bad.

Event log (Denkigai 2019 Summer)

Woke up around 7, left around 7:30. Arrived around 8:40 and headed to Whirlpool booth immediately. The queue was rather short.

I got some help for Sagaplanets so that one went okay as the guy I asked for help arrived quite early. That said, tapestries lasted at least until I left the venue.

Done with Whirlpool, went to Tinkle Position with even shorter lines, bought the stuff and then more or less done after meeting some people and buying people stuff.

Left around 12:30 as I took my time contemplating whether or not to waste even more money. I didn’t.

Closing words

Mmmm 3:27 in the morning.

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