Digest Vol. 202: Marvel week

Late thanks to catching up some backlogs. I FORGOT TO PRESS THE PUBLISH BUTTON. Too many event news, eroge day (though only one for me), barely any eroge progress, and better than even finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

The only eroge I bought this month. Well multiple copies of them for the voice drama CDs. The rest are going to auction as usual.

More shikishi bonus from Lose subscription.

Eroge playthrough

Still at common route of Relay Broadcast. Should be able to finish it tomorrow. Maybe. Seems pretty good so far.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO event in few minutes. Salieri getting event bonus is nice as he should be relatively useful for good portion of the quests.

As the title says, first three days of last week was filled with catching up my MCU backlogs to prepare for Avengers Endgame. Finished all Avengers and Civil War and Guardian of the Galaxy. Those are mostly enough although watching some of Ant-Man would be even more helpful. Maybe will finish the rest during this long holiday.

The Endgame itself was quite entertaining though the conveniences in it is a bit too convenient.

Daily life

Got a bit over 70k from last week auction thanks to MBP.

Then despite what I said last week, I started auction again for one last time. The shipping will be done through konbini anyway so I figured it should be ok despite all the holidays.

It’s looking questionably okay as well.

Though thanks to unexpected Cuffs out of season new goods, my savings took a bit of hit. Getting Mikoto tapestry and all Hulotte stuff. Costed about 20k total.

As usual I need to put up more stuff but also as usual I’m too lazy for that. Maybe one of those holidays when I want to distract myself.

On upcoming eroge, here’s the current list:

  • [2019-06] Onigyu H: As usual. Getting from Sofmap, Getchu, Melonbooks, and Tora no ana. At 7.4k each it’s slightly cheaper than usual. I just remembered I haven’t checked Yokohama’s Tora no ana at all.
  • [2019-07] Ren’ai, karichaimashita: Still not quite sure about this one. Currently slightly towards skipping it but I may change my mind.
  • [2019-07] Ryuusei World Actor: Not a school life for once but as I mentioned before, collecting the whole set is quite expensive. I’m looking at almost 70k for 5 stores and the character songs. Or I can just grab one and be done with it.
  • [2019-07] Nekonin Exheart 3: Usual stuff. No pillow cover this time around though maybe I’ll be getting the complete set. Not quite decided yet.
  • [2019-Summer] Kagi o kakushita kago no tori: No detail yet.

Not too many at current point. I may even drop some of them so there’s fewer things in my backlog. Interestingly there’s nothing for me next month.

Events are coming in few days but there’s no big purchase planned so far.

Closing words

And then this week’s auction is ending as I’m writing this. Back to eroge. Or maybe a bit of FGO if the server is still up.

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