Digest Vol. 193: Zzz

Various new announcements, some new old stuff, and budgeting failure.


Non-news links

New stuff

Some old singles.

On the left is very first opening of Psycho-Pass, abnormalize. I’ve looped this too many times this last few weeks.

And then very first opening of Phi Brain, Brain Diver. It’s May’n. Good stuff. I think I occasionally loop this one as well.

Bought from Suruga-Ya for cheap.

your diary (the original) pre-order bonus illustration collection book. Didn’t notice it’s got Ikegami Akane illustration inside until few months ago and then finally bothered getting it now. Pretty cheap at Suruga-Ya.

The book I stupidly missed at C95. They sold this at Booth and apparently sold out rather quickly. The book itself is thankfully the original price at 500 yen but shipping is 400 yen…

I don’t know much about the character (Yoshino from Idolmaster) but it’s Primil, so.

And lastly the reason I bought stuff from Suruga-Ya. They put this tapestry of MHXX released by eefy at C95 for less than 3000 yen.

And then I remembered their previous tapestry, while has good print and material, the actual image itself is a bit blurry and doesn’t feel quite finished.

May or may not keep it.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Riru route. Um, yeah, I did…

Anyway, I should be able to make some good progress this weekend. Not quite sure whether to go Ena or Marine route first but I’ll just roll dice if I do get the choice which should be soon.

Or maybe I’ll just do it now. Rolls dice.

…I couldn’t even get to the correct selection screen lol.

finally got the choice, actually rolls dice.

Marine it is.

Non-eroge stuff

The FGO BB event took good chunk of my time last few days. Doesn’t help there’s extra challenge quest which seems pretty difficult. I’ve only passed the first two out of ten. Hopefully I can somehow finish it and the main challenge quest. Though I’ve been lazy lately and used command seals for those time limited quests.

Watched Psycho-Pass last week. It was okay, I guess. Less exciting than the first one.

Original plan for this weekend is to watch Code Geass and First Man. And maybe Alita and Aquaman?

Daily life

Got about 16k from auction last week. With 23k original purchase price, it’s about 30% loss. For once most of the loss are from tapestries with pillow cover actually covered majority of the loss. The pillow cover was quite a deal when I obtained it whereas the tapestries are normal price so I guess it makes sense…?

Didn’t put up anything this week and I doubt there will be any good bid. Though I think I’ll put up extra copy of Yumeiro so we’ll see on that. Also maybe I’ll put up more stuff while at it.

I need to start sorting stuff to be sent to Suruga-Ya. The main target is to at least fit C95 doujinshi to existing boxes. And then I need to clean up my shikishi and clear file collection. And lastly I’ll also include my old Nexus 5. I hope it doesn’t explode in transit 😊

Now I think about it, I should also start selling some backlogged eroges I’m not planning to play anymore.

Overall I’m looking at -15k for this month after all the craps last week and some ero manga I bought this week. That was dumb. This is what happens when I thought there’s nothing for current month.

At least my stocks are doing well and finally recovered from last year’s loss. Though that also means it’ll be a bit expensive buying more stocks for the rest of this year.

Closing words

I should sleep after finishing some chores. As usual. I wonder if doing them first is better. I’ll try it next week.

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