Digest Vol. 142: All the pillow covers

Oh hey it’s only Saturday! New pillow cover pre-orders! And tapestries! Still being slow at eroge! And the incoming low savings for this month!


Non-news links

New stuff

Full Uso store bonus CDs. The rest of them from last week. Clockwise from top left Melonbooks, Getchu, and Tora no Ana. That reminds me I should  rip and sort them soon-ish.

My first official FGO tapestry (also my first Takeuchi Takashi). Obtained from Mandarake for a bit less than 6k which is twice the original price. Fuuuuuuuck. Oh well, couldn’t find cheaper anywhere else. Or maybe it’ll appear if I waited a bit longer…

Double suede with pretty good print.

The base background is plain white but that Chaldea carpet is nice touch. And of course thighs! With pantyhose! Yays.

The one I mentioned last week from YJA for about 6k. My second third tapestry from Denkigai 2012 Winter.

A bit story of me and Denkigai, pretty interesting that I only have one tapestry for 2013 (still from Whirlpool). I skipped (or more like didn’t even know it’s a thing) until I finally went to the 2014 Summer event, slipping out during work hour. I then skipped 2014 Winter thanks to Palette event and then have been going to every single event afterwards.

Double suede material with pretty good print as usual.

And last stuff for this week, Yurauka tapestry from Core Magazine. Pretty good as well with double suede material.

The only heroine I like from that series ha ha ha ha… ,_,

Will I ever actually play it?! Dunn dunn…


Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed through Nicole’s route. Passed through two H-scenes which means I’m about halfway her route. First problem has been solved as well which means it’s time for Karumaruka. Or something. I don’t know. I’ll find out this weekend.

No idea how long I’ll take to finish the whole thing but my initial guess would be another five weeks. Sometime around mid April. That’s with my usual speed. But I may do it faster this time around. Or not? We’ll find out! And then it ends up finished May instead. Ha.

Non-eroge stuff

Still as usual. Even watched Hoshin Engi already. They progressed so fast I don’t even know what’s what anymore. The recap last week probably introduced some of the characters but I don’t seem to have it. Maybe I should check it after all? It’s been years since I read the manga so I’ve almost completely forgot everything about it.

I still progressing FGO slowly on both accounts.

Daily life

YJA probably will end up rather grim this week as mentioned last week. Put up a whole one new item as well. Hopefully I’ll have enough willpower to put up more stuff next week…

Talking about more stuff, I finally did something with that Suruga-Ya shipment. Getting the box out, that is. Now it sits in the corner of my room uselessly taking up space. That’ll remind and eventually force me to finalize organizing it and shipping it. Maybe next week?

I spent over 30k already this month. 20k of them is for Whirlpool stuff I mentioned earlier. It could’ve gone worse but at 20k it’s not too bad. Still hurts though!

Then the other 10k is for Onigyu pre-order. Now I’m thinking again I can probably hold it off until next month or even May. There will be even more stuff then though…

For the rest of this month there’ll be aforementioned kino tapestry. Then 9-sorairo from Getchu. Not eroge but there’ll be Tanuki to Kitsune book. Lastly at the end of the month there will be three eroges; Nekonin 2, Riddle Joker, and Karigurashi. Lastly Moeoh stuff for about 10-25k? Totaling at 70k. Combined with spending I’ve done, I get total of 105k. Another 20k for random shit, the base total is 125k. Looking pretty bad already, yes. Maybe I should avoid doing too many Moeoh stuff after all.

Or maybe I’ll have enough willpower to put up even more stuff?!? As usual, we’ll find out in following weeks~

On relatively unrelated note, I used up my NISA allowance for this year so my bank account will finally have some breathing room for credit card payment and stuff. Until next year comes, that is… (or if there’s another big spending this year).

Talking about NISA, all my investments are going down at the moment (ノ゚ ヮ゚)ノ︵ ┻━┻ Not that it matters (yet) but still pretty sad seeing it going down. And the bad timing I started with made it worse. In the end, no point worrying at just two months mark (of over 60 months total).

Closing words

Yays very early for once. Still failing the sleep schedule but heyyyy. Yeah I’ll sleep after doing a bit of cleanup and stuff.

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