Digest Vol. 127: Sleep schedule part 3

Some new eroge announcements, a few new stuff, and eroge progressing as usual. Still almost no progress on non-eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

None! Lots of new stuff next week though.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kisara route. Took a bit longer than I hoped due to various distractions. More distractions coming this week so I hope I can at least finish all the routes by next weekend.

Non eroge stuff

Rushing for FGO event. Didn’t realize it ends this week.

Nothing else.

PC stuff

This is one of the main distractions this week. And is still ongoing. I’ve had enough with Windows 10 so I’m thinking of best alternatives I have. All things considered, it seems like Windows Server 2012 R2 is my best bet. The main problem is if it still has the same remote desktop problem as its desktop Windows 8.1 counterpart. If it still does, I guess I’ll have to bear with this crap after all and maybe install some more third party apps. I will need at least a non-slow explorer and some global shortcut tool (to fix win-arrow). Also some more registry tweaks which got reset every “service pack”.


Sold nothing this week =D

Finally bothered to lower price some of the stuff. We’ll see how it goes. As usual will put up some more stuff.

Probably will end up selling books to Suruga-Ya because I’m too lazy to put them up for auction after all. Planned for this or next week.

Need to do some adjustments on my budget as well thanks to announcement of new titles…

Closing words

“Early” for once. After sleeping at 13 and waking up past 20, that is. I really need to fix my sleep schedule already. The plan is to sleep at 2 at the latest. And it’s 4 already. Sure is going well.

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