Digest Vol. 99 – Failing


Yay the numbers are back. I’m thinking of adding another type so I figured having proper type in the title could be useful.

Eroge playthrough

Wasted the whole holidays by not finishing Cafe Sourire. Apparently I was heavily distracted but I couldn’t remember how.

Anyway I’m still halfway of Kyouko’s route. And then there’s still Miyuri.

Thankfully Kyouko’s route seems to be much less irritating compared to the previous two I read through.

Mainly because there’s no stupid “but we’re family” “problem”.

After this, I think I’ll play Senren Banka. It’s mainly because I’ve been playing a 800×600 game and it’s 1080p. The art itself (Cafe Sourire) is pretty good but the small size is really annoying. It doesn’t help the only way to resize it is by using full screen which I don’t usually use.

Not-eroge stuff

I’ve started reading light novels. Finished first volume of Zetsumetsu and Gakeppuchi. The former is relatively easy to read but the latter is relatively difficult for me because it is not daily life but fantasy and there are just too many words I don’t remember yet.

The writer also has interesting word choices which are not in my dictionary yet.

Also started watching animes. Current lineup is Eromanga-sensei, Clockwork Planet, and Attack on Titan.

Wasting money

I (should) get about 30k yen this week from YJA. Not too bad, I guess?

If only I didn’t finally decide to execute PC upgrades which will cost me about 100k total. Or more if I decided to grab extra SSD as well.

That said, I spent quite a bit this week. Clearing up Comic1 and other events and then two backlogs which costed over 5k yen each.

There aren’t many things planned left for this month (nor next month) so I think I should be doing fine especially if I can keep on selling unwanted(?) stuff.

Overall I’m still doing relatively okay. Nothing like last year’s red/yellow streaks.


New stuff

I recently learned to just cover up the light when taking photos. This results in less light reflection and more blur because I can’t hold the camera still.

Akabei soft CD! I know approximately none of them! Maybe except Reminiscence.

Anime singles after a long while.

This completes my Eshi100 books collection. Only the main ones because I think there are some extra books released on related events.

I should’ve waited a bit more before purchasing this thing. Floflo VFB extra from Melonbooks. Not too bad but isn’t worth spending full 5k yen. Also applies to Sofmap’s one minute short voice drama.

Has been in my cart for a while and I figured just grab it. This is before Hulotte which means even older style except the cover and some pages. Interesting, I’d say.

Another old book, this one from Kantoku. Bought off Suruga-Ya for the free shipping minimum when getting that Eshi100 book. Too bad there’s a tear on the cover.

Not sure if I want to get his first book as well.

This sure is artbook week. Closing the streak with Ryohka’s book. Full of bandaids. Left one is usual bimonthly Moeoh.

Tora no Ana Floflo VFB clear file bonus and Melonbooks Moeoh.

Originally mainly wanted just this but they failed to meet the stretch goal so this costs another 3k yen. Whoops.

B2, double suede.

Nanao \o/

Floflo VFB Tora no Ana bonus. Best bonus and really should’ve skipped the other two. B2 suede. It’s not the usual Tora no Ana tapestry but just a common thin one.

Accidentally another masturbation scene. Melonbooks’ kino Trinoline tapestry. B1, double suede.

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