Digest Vol. 60 – Plans

I’m not sure how much left of Rina’s route left but at least I’m past halfway? This week felt even shorter than last week despite not being much distraction. Either that or the route is just longer. I don’t know.

Continuing the “holding back” project (?), I’m thinking of not getting Hoshi Koi Tinkle. Unfortunately it’s still four months away which means plenty of time for me to be influenced back in getting it. Well, I almost failed with Amatsutsumi though fortunately managed to hold back. Hopefully I can do it again with Hoshi Koi Tinkle.

That said, even though I’m not getting anything this month, I’m getting two titles next month – Senmomo and Railback. Both of which have non-zero probability of getting delayed =D Railback probably will be finally released though otherwise I don’t think it’ll be good for the company’s survival. Whereas Senmomo, well, I have no record of August release schedule so I don’t really know. Just felt like it might get delayed. We’ll see. No plan of getting another bonuses… yet?

October will be Alcot’s Yomegami. So far my current plan includes getting from Sofmap followed by getting Getchu tapestry from YJA.

November will be a bit difficult with both Alice Gram and Lovely Day. NanaWind’s voice dramas are pretty good so I’ll be getting them all. Yuki tapestries as well which thankfully only two. The main problem is of course Lovely Day. Pretty much all tapestries and CDs \o/ I usually get the game from official store though I’m not sure about this time mainly because I don’t need the other bonus which is illustrated by Narumi Yuu. Barring some unexpected event, I may end up getting it from Trader or Melonbooks.

5 more games in three months. So much for holding back.

Finally Denkigai and Comiket! Denkigai is having some weird system this time to enter the place whereas Comiket will have no company booths for last day. Current outlook doesn’t look so good though I’ll probably make out safely somehow. I think. Yuzu Soft store having double suede tapestries certainly isn’t helping.


New Stuff

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Medio

A bunch of tapestries from Floral Flowlove. Starting off with tapestry of Nanao from Medio. Or more accurately, shapestry as in waterproof tapestry. Has been a while since I got this kind of tapestry from Medio. Personally I consider it better than usual thin tapestry.

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Melonbooks

And then Kano. This one is from Melonbooks. Normal thin tapestry.

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Gamers

Another one of Nanao, from Gamers. It’s the slightly-thicker thin material. Not sure why they applied some faded out border.

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Sofmap

Another Kano, from Sofmap. Double suede! Normal pipe! Pretty good.

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Tora no Ana

Tapestry of Adelheid from Tora no Ana. This is the one I originally planned to get the full game from but then switched to official store because I wasn’t sure if my usual place will have it (they did). Usual Tora no Ana weird material with bottom pipe stitched in.

tapestry: Floral Flowlove - Trader

Lastly another Nanao, this time from Trader. For some reason it’s double suede. Nice surprise. Also, Nanao is cute <3

hug pillow cover: Amairo Islenauts - Shiraga Airi

\o/ This one kind of hurt my wallet. Hug pillow cover of Shiraga Airi from Amairo Islenauts.

hug pillow cover: Yumekoi - Miruku

This one isn’t too bad. Close to original price, at least. Himenomi Mikuru from Yumekoi.

hug pillow cover: Sakura no Mori Dreamers - Akitsu Madoka

And lastly Akitsu Madoka from Sakura no Mori Dreamers.

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