Digest Vol. 30 – No news?

When I realized it, this week has passed and there’s no interesting news. I guess everyone was busy catching up from all the holidays and events.

Managed to clear Aya route of Delivara. I expect to finish the whole thing next week or maybe even tomorrow since it’ll be another holiday.

Still not sure what to play after finishing it. Considered Quintuple Splash but that’d mean I’m playing two Parasol games in a row which is something I tend to avoid. Parasol doesn’t quite excel in story isn’t helping either. As last few games I’ve been playing are all relatively light in nature, and thus I’m considering something more serious. Current candidates are:

  • Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia
  • One of minori games
  • Satsukoi
  • Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana (almost forgotten, lol)

Or something short-ish like the doujin Christmas Trickstar. I’ll call help from dice.

irb(main):001:0> ['nostalgia', 'minori', 'satsukoi', 'cabbit', 'kuritori'].sample
=> "cabbit"

All right, there we go.


New Stuff

2016-01-08 01.05.04

Comiket day 4+ part 1, from Melonbooks. Pretty good overall.

2016-01-09 20.49.32

Comiket day 4+ part 2, also from Melonbooks.

2016-01-10 16.53.24

Part 3. This one is from Tora no Ana. I don’t seem to have many Karory books either. Probably should buy that EX Collection Book later…

2016-01-09 19.51.46

First book from Kink. Pretty interesting. Story-wise (if you can call them such) and especially art wise. I also realized that while most of eroge I play are not (mostly) loli, most of ero manga I do have are loli. Probably some kind of double standard, I’m not sure.

2016-01-09 19.50.47

The included tapestry. Kind of hoped it’s not mosaic’d but I guess that doesn’t happen often. Nice expression.

2016-01-09 19.50.58

Majo Koi Nikki drama CD bonus from Getchu. Pretty short at 10 minutes. Sounded familiar and turned out it’s Sakakibara Yui.

With this, I’m only missing one last drama CD which is from official store. Current lowest price at 2300 is still pretty high for me. Hopefully it’ll be available at cheaper price later (inb4 it’s gone forever).

2016-01-08 03.39.54

From K-Books end of year event. I think this is my first Mamizu K-Books tapestry. Big as usual.

2016-01-08 03.37.11

And of course Chikotam \o/ This is also the first Chikotam tapestry I have which is completely safe as in not showing any hint of panties or wearing swimsuit. Kinpatsu-chan so cute \o/

2016-01-08 03.33.52

And lastly from Miyasaka Miyu. Pretty nice.


Inspired by this rich bastard, I tried checking what I currently have.

2016-01-09 23.02.59

Unopened ones. Well, I did open the other Nonoka so she doesn’t really count. Total 11, two of which are original characters, one from played game (Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky) and the rest haven’t been played yet ;_;

2016-01-09 23.14.01

Total 23, 14 of which I’ve played the game, one original with drama CD, one without actual h-scene so I’m not sure if it really matter to play the game (and I’ve watched the anime). The rest I haven’t played game of. Oh, and one with the game which hasn’t even been released (Omokage Rail Back).

I also have five other hug pillow covers pre-ordered. One original, two from played games (woo), and one which is bundled with the game itself and one from backlogged. Future is looking pretty good!

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